The Burrow

One Act opera (1993) 62’30” Librettist: Alison Croggon
fl /bassflute /picc, 2 sax, trt, pf,
sampler, 2 perc,vcl, 2 cb, Baritone solo-
Chorus S.MS.A.T.B.B.
written for Composer Fellowship 1992
First production by West Australian Opera and Perth Festival 1993
with the Song Company and Nova Ensemble directed by Michael Kantor Price: Score and Score and parts by negotiation.


Incidental Music, Songs and  Instrumental numbers.

Playwright – Alison Croggon

1996 ca 30’  music in total.

First produced and commissioned by Mene Mene Theatre Company (Melbourne) for 1996 Melbourne Festival.

Electronic keyboard, 1 cello, electronic music on tape/C.D. and acting vocalists.

Subject: The playwright Jacob Lenz.



 Incidental Music

Playwright – Howard Barker

Brink Productions and Adelaide Festival Centre. First produced 2000.

Bass Flute, C Flute, Piccolo and  Rin  (Japanese temple bells).                      Unavailable.

The Ecstatic Bible

Incidental Music and instrumental numbers.
Playwright – Howard Barker
(1999 – 2000) ca 1 hour 10 min music for 8 hour production.
First produced and commissioned by the Wrestling School (London)
and Brink Productions (Adelaide) for premiere at the 2000 Adelaide Festival.
Ob, vcl, perc.


Librettist: Alison Croggon


Flute, Saxophones, Trumpet, 1 percussionist, Electric Guitar/Bass guitar, Piano,  Electronic Fixed Media. Soprano, 2 Mezzo Soprani, 2 Tenors, Baritone.

Commissioned by Opera Victoria. First Produced by Sydney Chamber Opera at the Carriage Works Theatre Complex. Price: Score and Score and parts by negotiation.


Two Act Opera (1995 -1996 ) 100’ Librettist: Alison Croggon
fl,ob /ob d’amore,2 sax,trt,trb,hp, 2 perc, (4 Islander perc. optional) , 2 key board, electric gt,vlc, cb, 2 sop, 2 ten, 2 Written for 1995 Composer Fellowship, First Production by Chambermade Opera and 2000 Melbourne Festival. Price: Score and Score and parts by negotiation.

The Architects Walk

Music Theatre; Songs, Arias, Instrumental  Numbers.

Playwright- Daniel Keene

First produced and commissioned by Red Shed Theatre (Adelaide)for 1998 Adelaide Festival.

1 ‘Wagnerian” Soprano, 1Piano Accordion (with French Musette), 1perc, electronic music on tape/CD, and acting vocalists.

Subject: Albert Speer in Spandau Prison, also Herman Hesse.