Michael Smetanin: Discography

Ladder of Escape.  (7 Bass Clarinets, 2 Contrabass Clarinets).

            Record:                Attaca Records – Holland

                                          Harry Sparnaay, 1986, Ladder of Escape.

            Compact disc:      Attaca Records – Holland

                                         Harry Sparnaay, Ladder of Escape, 

                                         Babel 8945-1 DDD

              Compact Disc:    Jade Records – Australia

                                         Ossia, Australian Composers Volume 1

                                       JAD CD 1024

            Compact Disc:     Jade Records- Australia

                                       Arc of Light, Music by Australian Composers

                                       JAD CD 1050


Compact Disc:  “Earth Spirit”

            1990 Evasound Jade 1013

            Compact Disc: Rondino Pastorale

            Jade Records  JAD CD 1113


            Compact Disc:  Het Trio; Ring the Changes

            Attaca (Holland)  Babel 9161-4 DD

Minimalism isn’t dead….. it just smells funny.

            Compact Disc: Synergy Percussion. Impact

            ABC Classic (Polygram)  ABC 442 350-2

Nontiscordardime I,II,III.

            Compact Disc:  Laura Chislett/ ABC Classics

            ABC 446 738-2

Skinless Kiss of Angels.

             Compact Disc. All works by Michael Smetanin


            1) THE SKINLESS KISS OF ANGELS (Song Cycle for

                 baritone and soprano with large ensemble)

            2) BELLEVUE II (tenor saxophone, trombone and percussion)

            3) HOT BLOCK (for electric guitar with ART GSX 2000 sound

               processor and percussion with live electronics.

            4) SPIN O (zero) (for amplified harpsichord and amplified bass recorder).

            Compact Disc. Elision/Denis Cohen ABC Classics

            ABC 446 625 -2


            Compact Disc – Lisa Moore

            Stroke for solo piano- Tall Poppies TP 040


            Compact Disc: 

            Anthology of Australian Music on Disc

            The Australian National University. CSM :30

Strange Attractions

            Compact Disc:

            Sydney Alpha Ensemble LIVE.

            ABC Classics, 456 537-2

            ALSO on

            Compact Disc:

            Ensemble Reconsil, Exploring the World

Orlando Records

Tube Makers ( in 3 bits )

            Compact Disc:

            Duo Contemporain

            Tube Makers CD

            Globe  GLO 5176

Finger Funk

            Compact Disc:

            Water Settings – Match Percussion

            Tall Poppies TP183